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The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati Case Studies: BrightWall Paneling System in Fairfield, OH

Friday, October 5th, 2018 by Elaine Davis


An administrator of a local church called The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati regarding a parsonage they have owned for several years.  There was several places where water had seeped in along the floors and the walls and through a window well.  Some of the walls had been damaged over the years and were not very attractive so they called The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati for help with their problem.



Our certified inspector recommended a SuperSump pump system WaterGuard, a WellDuct, BrightWall Panels, and a SaniDry Dehumidifier.    

The SuperSump pump system comes with the most reliable pump available, WaterWatch Alarm System, SuperLiner and Airtight lid.  Besides the sump pump being the most reliable sump pump, the WaterWatch Alarm will sound if that water reaches past the point that the sump pump should have come on alerting the homeowner to a problem, the SuperLiner will not cave in or crack, and this sump pump system includes an airtight lid.  This keeps moisture from evaporating back into your basement.  

WaterGuard, our basement waterproofing system, was also recommended.  WaterGuard is a perimeter drain system that intercepts water coming into your basement.  The water goes into the piping system and is carried to the sump pump where it can be safely removed from the basement.  

The WellDuct system is a window well drain that connects to your perimeter drain system so the water can also be safely drained into the sump pump system.  A hole is drilled through the foundation wall below the window and a strainer is installed on the outside.  A WellDuct is fastened and sealed to the wall which provides a pathway for the water to drain from the window into the perimeter drain.  

BrightWall Paneling system was also installed.  BrightWall paneling system is 4' by 8" sheets of plastic paneling that is permanently attached to the walls.  This system gives your basement a beautiful, semi-finished look and is the most durable of all of our wall systems.  

A SaniDry dehumidifier system was also installed to keep the humidity low.  With these products installed, the parsonage will now be a drier, healthier, usable space and ready to be used for years to come!

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