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If your home or business has structural damage due to settling and sinking, soil erosion, frost heave, or other forces, The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati has the right products for that exact problem and the services to restore your structure back to it's original form.

Our patented foundation repair products meet the high standards that are held by the Basement Systems Inc. network as well as the foundation repair industry. Contractors and researchers have both tested and tried each product in the field, across three countries. 

By signing up for a free foundation repair quote, we can explain in detail how we can fix your foundation problems. Then we can perform a detailed foundation inspection, report on the damage, and outline a specific course to follow in order to solve the problems found; all based on your specifications and your budget. Call us today to start the improvement!

The Line of the Finest Products!

As a member of the Supportworks network, we have access to the vast Supportworks' catalog of award winning products that will be used throughout the Ohio and Indiana service area.

Supportworks has a professional team of structural and geo-technical engineers that are constantly doing research into products and techniques as well providing support to the field technicians, contractors and installers.

We offer FREE foundation inspections and consultations. We'll help you understand the causes of your foundation problems and the proper way to go about solving them. Contact us today for your free structural repair quote!

We serve Cincinnati, Dayton, Hamilton and the areas surrounding Middletown, Fairfield, Loveland, Covington, KY, Fort Michell, KY, Mason, West Chester.

Compressed Expansion Joints

The existing expansion joint between the driveway and garage is fully compressed.

Even when the joint appears wide enough at the surface, the concrete may still be in contact underneath. This means that when the street expands with heat, your driveway is being pushed into the rest of your home.

street creep symptoms in a driveway in Milford

Garage Wall Damage

The foundation walls on either side of the garage door are being pushed inwards by the driveway slab.

This is a sign that when the concrete pavement expanded and lengthened, pushing into the concrete driveway, there was insufficient compression space within the expansion joints. The only place for the driveway slab to go was through your garage walls.

garage walls cracking due to street creep

Gaps Behind The Foundation Walls

Gaps have formed behind the foundation walls on either side of the garage door as the garage slab is pushed rearward.

Installing new expansion joints in the driveway and installing wall anchors will restore your foundation walls to structural stability.

foundation wall cracks due to street creep in Erlanger, KY

Foundation Damage

Basement walls or foundation walls are pushed out by the garage slab.

At this stage, the damage caused by street creep has lead to a potentially serious foundation issue. It's important to address this soon -- before the damage becomes any more significant.

inward rotation of a foundation wall damaged by street creep in a garage in Lebanon

Wall Anchor Systems

Foundation walls are designed to support loads from above, not from the side. When side pressure on your walls exceeds their ability to withstand the force, they will begin to crack, bow, slide in at the bottom, and/or tilt in at the top. Rebuilding damaged walls may seem like the obvious (and expensive) answer, but even new walls will fail if the soil conditions are not changed.

Wall anchors can counteract soil pressure by anchoring walls to stable, undisturbed soil outside your home. Thanks to threaded rods that extend through the wall, wall anchors can even be used to straighten walls in many cases!

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foundation wall anchor system installation diagram

I-Beam Systems For Foundation Walls

When it isn't possible to anchor walls in the soils outside the foundation due to properly line restrictions, we recommend repairing your damaged foundation walls with the PowerBrace™ Wall Repair System.

The PowerBrace™ is an adjustable steel I-beam system with two important benefits: stabilizing bowed or tilting walls, and (over time) forcing bowed or tilting wall sections back to their original position. All PowerBrace™ components are manufactured to exacting standards, with an anti-corrosion zinc coating that will keep them looking like new for decades to come!

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foundation wall I-beam system installation illustration

Foundation Piers & Slab Piers

When soils are unable to bear the load of the structure on top of it, that structure must sink downwards into the ground. This is true with homes, concrete floors, chimneys, and many other structures.

Piers can solve settlement problems by transferring a structure's weight to strong, competent supporting soils at greater depth. Piers can effectively stabilize a settling structure and can even provide jacking points to lift the structure upwards to its original, level position.

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foundation push pier, helical pier, and slab pier system drawing

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