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Basement Waterproofing System Installation in Fairborn Ohio

This customer in Fairborn, Ohio was having trouble keeping moisture and water out of their basement. Their biggest issues were mold resulting in pathogens, and their main storage area in the house was no longer trusted to store valuables!  After they had one of our certified inspectors come take a look at their problems, they realized what they needed. The Triplesafe sump pump combined with our waterguard drainage system and Sanidry Sedona dehumidifier was a perfect solution. After our production team took extra care to cover their valuables, they got busy and completed the job in no time. Now, not only does our customer not have to worry about storing valuables in their basement, they get great air to breathe in and have a great peace of mind!

Driveway & walkway in need of repair in Lebanon, Ohio!

After visiting us at the home expo in March, this homeowner explained to us the concerns he had over his sidewalk and driveway settling.  We explained to him more about our concrete lifting and leveling products, and he was sold!

Concrete lifting services in Union Kentucky

This customer was having issues with their concrete sinking into the soil by a few inches. This was causing unlevel slabs and cracks to start to form. Luckily one of our inspectors knew how to save their beautiful driveway by using our PolyLevel system. By injecting foam in all the right spots, the concrete was able to rise to the desired amount. Now the customer can pull in and out of their driveway and not have to worry about the concrete cracking. You can see the difference by looking at the entrance to the garage and the thinning gap between the slabs.

Concrete Patio Leveling in Oxford Ohio

There was a patio sinking for one of our customers, and this was leading to drainage issues with the patio sitting under water when it would rain. Luckily our PolyLeveling system is able to fix issues like this quickly and easily. By drilling tiny holes in the patio slab and filling the holes with the exact amount of poly foam, the slab was able to rise a few inches! Now the patio looks good and does not drag in water!

Basement Waterproofing System in Okeana Ohio

One of our customers in Okeana, Ohio was having trouble keeping their well kept basement from flooding. It didn't take one of our certified inspectors to realize the water was seeping into the basement walls from the crack between the garage and the driveway. Luckily for the customer, we had the perfect solution. By using a trench drain in-between the garage, the home was able to deflect most of the water using one of our sump pumps. For extra caution, we also suggested installing our waterguard around the perimeter of the basement floor (not pictured). Notice how the trench drain can be a very practical and clean looking option for doors. 

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