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Photo Album: SmartSump,Smart Pipe, SmartJack installed in Wilmington, OH

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A homeowner of a 1960s home called The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati regarding some problems they were having in the crawl space.  The homeowner met with Donny, a Certified Inspector, who recommended that the homeowner have a SmartSump Crawl Space Drainage System, SmartPipe Crawl Space Drainage System, and SmartJack Floor Supports to resolve the problems that they were having in the crawl space.  He also recommended considering having the crawl space encapsulated to make the most of this space.  A crawl space that is free of moisture can also be used for storage and is much easier to access when needed.  Also, a dry crawl space is important to the living space environment of your home.  Moisture in the crawl space can make the living space humid, encourages mold growth and musty odors. 

The SmartSump Crawl Space Drainage System is used to pump water out of the crawl space.  You may not think of this as being an important step to having a healthy home, but whatever is in the crawl space also comes up into the living space.  Too much humidity or moisture in the crawl space causes mold, musty odors and possible wood rot in the crawl space.  The SmartPipe is a perimeter drainage system used to collect the water that seeps in so that it can be drained into the SmartSump to be pumped out of the crawl space.  

The SmartJack is a steel pier that is cut to size and installed underneath a floor that needs support or is sagging.  The SmartJack is set into a structural stone that is compacted into the ground at the bottom and a bracket with an adjustable screw is attached to the floor joist.  This adjustable screw is used to jack up the floor to the level position.  

Another recommended product for this project to consider is CleanSpace Encapsulation System.  CleanSpace is a plastic liner, similar to a pool liner, that is attached to the floor and the walls of the crawl space to provide a vapor-proof barrier between the ground and the home. 

Call The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati to see what products would help you to create a crawl space that is dry and free of musty odors. 

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