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The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati Case Studies: Leaking water heater causes damage in a crawl space in Fayetteville, OH

Friday, October 26th, 2018 by Elaine Davis


A homeowner in Fayetteville, Ohio had a water heater that had been leaking into the crawl space.  She saw that the insulation had started to fall out from between the floor joists, and there was a sagging place in the floor above.  She had a dehumidifier running in the crawl space to get rid of some of the humidity.  She needed a permanent solution to this problem, so she called The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati.


She met with one of our Certified Inspectors who recommended CleanSpace Drainage Matting, SilverGlo Insulation, SmartJacks, and an Everlast Crawl Space Door. 

CleanSpace Drainage matting has raised dimples to give water that is flooding into the crawlspace a channel to drain into the crawl space drain or sump pump system.

SilverGlo is rigid foam insulation that is infused with graphite on one side to reflect heat back into the crawl space and will keep your floors warmer in the winter and help to lower your heating bills!

SmartJack Floor Support is a high-capacity adjustable steel pier that is used to stop settling and can lift your floors back to the original position.  A structural footing is set in place, a SmartJack is cut to size and installed under your sagging floor.  The adjustable screw jacks up your floor into the correct position and can easily be adjusted in the future if needed. 

She also had an EverLast Crawl Space Door installed.  This is a 1/2"thick solid plastic door that will never rust or rot, gives easy access to the crawl space and has an airtight seal. 

Another great product for crawl spaces is the SmartSump crawl space drainage system.  This state-of-the-art sump pump is made just for crawl spaces.  One feature of this system is the WaterWatch Alarm.  It has a pocket on the lid of the sump that if a plumbing leak occurs, the water fills the pocket and it sounds an alarm alerting the homeowner to a problem before damage occurs.  

The homeowner was very happy with the work that she had done, and will no longer have to worry about the floors sagging and will have a drier crawlspace.

Project Summary

Products Installed: CleanSpace Drainage Matting, SilverGlo Insulation, SmartJacks, Everlast Door.

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