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Foundation Services Photo Album: PowerBraces used to resolve a bowing wall in Milford OH

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A Milford, Ohio homeowner noticed some moisture and a bowing wall in the basement and called The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati for a solution to this problem.  Michael, a Certified Inspector, recommended that WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System, a SuperSump Pump System with an UltraSump Battery Back-up Pump, BrightWall Paneling System, and PowerBraces are used to resolve the problems the homeowner was experiencing in the basement. 

WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System is a patented piping system that is installed into the floor around the perimeter of the foundation.  The water that seeps into the basement is drained into the WaterGuard piping and then pumped out of the basement using a sump pump.  

The SuperSump Premier Sump Pump System is used to pump the water out of the basement.  The SuperSump can pump up to 2,650 gallons of water and 1/2 inch solids and will run reliably for many years.  It also includes the WaterWatch Alarm, SuperLiner, Airtight Lid with an Airtight Floor Drain.  The WaterWatch Alarm will sound if there is a pump or power failure to alert the homeowner to a problem with the system that needs to be resolved before damage occurs.  The SuperLiner is a rugged, heavy-duty liner that houses the pump and will not cave in or crack. The Airtight Lid fits snug on the SuperLiner and keeps the water from evaporating back into the basement, keeps objects from falling into the liner and helps to quiet the pump.  The Airtight Floor Drain will allow water from a plumbing leak to flow into the liner, but the water will not be able to back up out of the drain. 

The UltraSump Battery Back-Up Pump is used to pump water out of the basement during a power failure.  This pump fits down into the Superliner along with the SuperSump so it will not take up much room.  It comes with its own battery and charging station.

The BrightWall Paneling System is used to cover the walls like traditional paneling, and it also drains the wall leaks down into the WaterGuard and keeps the water from penetrating into the basement.  The bright white color reflects natural light and really brightens up the basement.

The PowerBrace System is used to resolve the bowing wall.  The PowerBraces are steel I-beams that are secured tightly against the wall with brackets and attached to the floors and floor joists.  The PowerBraces immediately stabilize the wall and protect it from further movement.  There is an adjustable bracket that can be tightened over time to potentially reverse the wall failure.

With these products installed, the homeowner will no longer worry about water intrusion.  The WaterGuard and the SuperSump will be pumping the water out of the basement.  The wall that was bowing is now stabilized and over time it may be able to be straightened. 


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