Basement Wall Stains: Efflorescence or Mold? | Ask the Expert

In this episode of Ask the Expert, Bobby addresses a question from a customer in Fairborn, OH that is also frequently asked by many homeowners in his area concerning the white stains that commonly appears in basement walls.

These stains, which are often mistaken by mold, are called efflorescence stains. Concrete is very porous and ground water consistently infiltrates the concrete walls. That water carries mineral salts, and, as it evaporates into the basement, these minerals build up on the wall surface, as this white, powdery substance.

While not harmful, efflorescence can be an indication of poor foundation drainage. It means that the ground around the foundation is over saturated with water and that water is finding its way into the basement.
If foundation drainage is not improved, other problems may appear over time, such as mold problems, basement leaks and basement flooding.

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