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Which Basement Wall System is Right for Me?

Thursday, May 13th, 2021 by Alexis Wolfe

Paneling your basement walls is a great way to insulate your basement against vapor and leaking water. All of our basement paneling options will channel wall leaks to a drainage system below and stop water vapor from coming through the walls. You can view our different options below to help you select a system that is right for your home. 

It is best to have your walls protected and insulated with basement wall paneling.


The most durable wall system option we offer - BrightWall provides a clean, bright, semi-finished look to your basement walls while stopping water vapor from permeating the walls and draining any leaks down to the WaterGuard.


The most economical wall system option we offer - CleanSpace is a fast, economical way to cover ugly walls, stop water vapor from permeating the walls, and drain wall leaks. The white color brightens a basement, reflecting available lighting.


The ZenWall System is our best-looking paneling system. It provides a clean, semi-finished look while stopping water vapor and directing any leaks to the basement drainage system.


Our pre-finishing basement wall system - the ThermalDry Basement Wall System stops water vapor, drains walls leaks, and reflects indoor heat back into the basement.

Basement to Beautiful

These insulated basement wall panels are a fantastic way to get the basement ready for custom wall paneling. This paneling system comes with advanced SilverGlo insulation and exceeds building codes for insular quality. This closed-cell insulation will also not soak up water like fiberglass.


If you are interested in having your basement paneled or waterproofed, you can call our office to schedule an estimate (free for homeowners).