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Foundation Repair Products Photo Album: Exterior wall that was pulling away from the house resolved in, Cincinnati.

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A 60-year-old house in Cincinnati had an exterior wall that had started to pull away from the home, causing cracks in the brick.  The homeowner met with Roger, a Certified Inspector, who recommended that a Helical Pier System is installed to resolve this problem that the homeowner was having with the wall.

Sometimes with the freezing and thawing of the ground, the soil becomes unstable and starts to sink.  This can cause the foundation wall to drop along with it.  A Helical Pier System involves a steel pier that is mechanically screwed into the ground until the pier reaches competent soil.  Next, a bracket will be attached to the foundation footer and also to the pier.  The Helical Pier System will transfer the weight of the foundation wall from the unstable, sinking soil to the competent earth below.  This immediately stabilizes the foundation, and when possible, an attempt is made to raise the foundation wall back to the level position.

If you are experiencing problems with a sinking foundation or other foundation problems, call The Basement Doctor and let our Certified Inspectors show you how we can help.

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