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The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati Case Studies: CleanSpace Solves Water Problems in a 104 Year Old Basement in Cincinnati, OH

Wednesday, October 24th, 2018 by Elaine Barnett


Aaron, a homeowner in Cincinnati has a 104-year-old house.  The house has a stone foundation and a sump pump was not installed.  He wanted to use the basement for storage but was having problems with water seeping in through the walls.  The walls had been damaged over the years and he needed a solution to this problem.  He called The Basement Doctor of Cincinnati for help with this problem and scheduled an appointment with one of our Certified Inspectors, Steve.


Steve recommended having CleanSpace Wall System, WaterGuard Basement Waterproofing System, a SuperSump Pump System, and an UltraSump Battery Backup System installed.  

CleanSpace Wall System is a 20-mil thick liner that is permanently installed using drilled-in fasteners.  It is a quick, economical way to cover up unattractive walls.  It stops water vapor from penetrating into the basement and drains any water leaks into a drainage system, such as the WaterGuard Waterproofing System

The WaterGuard Waterproofing System is a piping System that is installed along the perimeter of the basement walls.  It intercepts the water and drains it unseen into a sump pump system to be drained out of the basement.

The Sump pump system he recommended for this project is the SuperSump Pump System along with an UltraSump Battery Back-up System.  The SuperSump includes 1/3hp Zoeller pump that can pump 2,650 gallons of water per hour and up to 1/2' solids.  It has the WaterWatch Alarm that sounds an alarm that sounds if the water reaches the point that the sump pump should have turned on.  This will alert the homeowner to a problem with the sump pump before damage occurs.  It also has the SuperLiner a rugged heavy duty polyethylene liner that won't cave in or crack.  It has 96 holes that let water flow in from below the floor and features the exclusive "pump ring" that centers the pump and prevents the switch from hanging up on the side walls.  Lastly, the Airtight lid.  This keeps moisture from evaporating back into your basement.  It also keeps out bugs and odors, keeps things from falling into the well, and helps to quiet the pump.  The lid is strong enough to stand on or store things on top so you don't lose any storage space.  

The UltraSump is a battery back-up sump pump system.  This pump would come on automatically during power outages if the primary pump becomes unplugged or primary pump would fail.  It has a high-capacity 120 amp power pack with an automatic charger and an alarm that will tell you when you are on the backup system.  

These products working together will keep this basement dry and can be used for storage.  The homeowner will have peace of mind that their items stored will be safe from water damage. 

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